The placing of an order at presupposes the acceptance of the General Conditions available in the area identified by Terms and conditions.

The ordering process consists of the following phases:

  1. Addition of the items you want to purchase in the shopping cart, after viewing the description of the desired item.
  2. Customer Authentication in order to load customer information, discount vouchers and points from the customer card. If the Client is not authenticated, he is given the opportunity to authenticate himself in a previously registered profile or to register a new profile.
  3. Consultation of the list of items included in the cart, respective quantities, promotional codes and points to be deducted from the customer card, correcting any errors that it finds. The list of items in the cart can be consulted at any time.
  4. Start the final ordering process that only takes place in an authenticated mode on a previously registered Customer profile. If the order finalization process does not proceed to the next phase, the customer who has already been authenticated must start the final order process again.
  5. In the first phase of the final ordering process, the Customer must choose the delivery method, among those available in the system, and be aware of the costs associated with it. At this stage, you can also select the shipping address from those available in your register or indicate a new address, as well as include relevant information for order processing.
  6. In the second phase of the final ordering process, the Customer is asked to choose one of the payment methods available in the system, being able to modify the billing address and also include relevant information for order processing or change those previously entered.
  7. The third phase of the final ordering process consists of presenting all the specific details of the order to be placed, allowing the identification of errors and access to the means to correct them, thus going back to the previous stages of this process. In order to proceed with the completion of the process, the customer must confirm that he intends to place his order, which at this stage is equivalent to a purchase proposal and only becomes binding on EMOCIONSPORT, SA when we expressly accept it by sending an e- email with confirmation.
  8. After this confirmation, the system behaves differently, depending on whether the chosen payment method is made online or deferred using another means.
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